The Fastest Charging Cords for Power Hungry Devices: PortaPow, Now in Australia at 4Cabling.com.au

PortaPow Fast Charge

Charge your devices 3x faster with PortaPow.

Australian’s spend more time online than any other nation, consuming over 10 hours of media every day. Much of that time is on mobile devices, tablets, and e-readers, which means that keeping devices charged and ready to use is a constant challenge. 4Cabling is excited to bring the solution to staying connected on-the-go to Australia: PortaPow fast-charging cables and adaptors.

Traditional charging cords, including the ones that often come with smartphones or tablets, are designed to work only at USB speeds, limiting charging times, while PortaPow fast-charge cables and adaptors work at AC speeds to charge devices 2 to 3 times faster.

PortaPow cables and adaptors not only work on popular Apple and Android devices, they are compatible with power-hungry mobiles like Blackberry, Nexus, and Windows. They also work on portable speakers, Bluetooth devices, e-readers, Sat Navs, and other rechargeable gadgets.

The Fast Charge Micro USB Cable replaces a devices charging cable, while the Fast Charge + Data Block USB Adaptor works in conjunction with a device cable or a PortaPow cable to speed up your charging time and block data.

PortaPow Data Block, available on USB Adaptors, is a great feature for those worried about security. Many cables automatically go into ‘data transfer’ mode as soon as they are plugged into a PC or laptop, putting data at risk of viruses, hackers, and slowing down charge times by uploading unwanted data. PortaPow chip technology works effectively to ‘dumb down’ the cord to essentially act as an AC power cord, only allowing power transfer.

4Cabling is Australia’s top source for cabling, server racks, fibre, and cable management online, and excited to add PortaPow products to a huge range of quality products for a connected world.


Product Review: Jackson 6-way Surge Protected Power Board

Power Board with Surge Protection

Protect your electronics and appliances.

Whether you are looking for something for under your desk, behind audio-visual set-up, or even something that might be visible in your home or office, this Jackson 6-way Surge Protected Power Board is a great option. It has a silver casing on the body, which makes it a little more slick than your average white or cream coloured power board… perfect for office fit-outs or decorating.

The slim design fits neatly behind furniture at home or in the office.

Jackson is known for their quality products, and this popular unit will protect your electrical goods and features a 6-outlet power board. 2 of the 6 sockets are spaced extra-wide to allow room for larger adaptors, power packs and battery chargers to fit without rendering other sockets un-usable. The power cord is 1 meter in length, and is black, and the slim design fits neatly behind furniture at home or in the office.

– 6 power outlets.
– Surge and overload protected.
– 2 of the 6 sockets are spaced extra-wide.
– Right-angled plug.
– Silver body with black cord.

– Voltage Rating: 240VAC 50Hz.
– Current: 10 Amps.
– Power Rating: 2400 Watt.
– Surge Current: 4500.
– Response Time: 20 nano seconds.
– Energy Absorption: 175 Joules.
– Dimensions: 1 meter power cord.
– Colour: Silver casing, black cord.

This power board, and a huge selection of regular and surge protected power boards, are available online at 4Cabling.com.au.